Frequently Asked Questions

1 When do flights leave and arrive?

2 Who should I contact in the event of lost luggage?

3 How much is the airport tax?

4 Can you pay the airport tax with a credit card?

5 When is an exemption of payment of airfares or taxes considered?

6 What are the taxes charged by customs?

7 Are passengers forbidden from bringing certain items into the country?

8 Are there special requirements to enter with cell phones?

9 Which procedures must be carried out to transport animals?

10 How do you know what is excess luggage?

11 How do you move your luggage within the airport?

12 What are the opening hours of the currency exchange offices?

13 What are the immigration requirements for traveling abroad?

14 What are the hours of the call- center and of staff for Information and Customer Service?

15 How long before the flight leaves should you be in the airport?

16 How do you know how you can make a direct flight or with connections?

17 How do you get information about the Duty Free Shop?

18 What values should be declared to the National Customs Office?